Association for International Talent Development

in Japanese Corporations (AITD)

Our Mission

We are a community of companies and experts dedicated to 

"creating an organization where each and every one can make the most of their unique talent with a diverse and international workforce"

Our Focus

As business becomes more globalized, the globalization of the workforce has become an urgent issue for Japanese companies. People from abroad have exceptional talent and have the potential to contribute to organizational change and innovation.


However in reality, many Japanese companies hire only a limited number of international talent. Furthermore, there are various issues in providing opportunities for them to succeed and grow after they join the company. This is a long-standing issue in the Japanese business.

This association was established to connect valuable ideas and tools among companies and experts determined to address this issue.


We aim to promote the success of international talent and revitalize the organization by bringing together companies and experts (nationally certified career consultants and university faculty members) to create and disseminate high-quality "practical knowledge".

The goal is not only to engage the international talent, but also to expand "an organization where each diverse employee can play an active role by making the most of their unique talent."

What We Do

Regular Seminars

We hold regular online seminars inviting guests from leading companies and experts in the field. It is an opportunity to learn from the latest best practices on "creating an organization where each and every one can make the most of their unique talent with a diverse and international workforce".

Held four times in half a year (eight times a year)


*Currently provided in Japanese only


Community & Membership program

We have a paid membership program to join our community. Our community was created to gather and connect various know-how across the country and to create new practices. Members will have access to tools and best practices, free participation to the regular seminars, and opportunities to connect with other members.


*Currently provided in Japanese only

Board of Directors

Kenta Koyama (Ph.d), Chairperson/Representative Director 


Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Management, Tokyo Keizai University.

Specializes in organizational psychology and career psychology. He also teaches at Keio University and Sophia University as a part-time lecturer.  He received a research award (Shourei-shou) from Japanese Academy of Human Resource Development. He has served as a committee member for several governmental projects related to foreign workers in Japanese companies. 

2nd grade Certified Skilled Professional of Career Consulting and nationally certified Career Consultant. 








Yoshichika Iida


Nationally certified Career Consultant. Adjunct lecturer, Hokkaido University (Career Education and Entrepreneurship. Currently provides individual career consultation services to highly skilled international professionals and students in English and Japanese, as an independent service or a part of "Self Career Dock", a career development support service for corporations. Former expatriate to overseas subsidiaries of NEC Corporation in the US and Germany for 18 years in total. Being engaged in global business development and management for almost four decades since the late 1970s.


Keiko Kawase


Keiko Kawase is a Career Support Coordinator for International Student at Yokohama City University. She is engaged in the Japanese government (MEXT) funded project, Program for Enhancing Employment of International Students. She is qualified as nationally certified Career Consultant, and Adjunct Researcher of Waseda University, Institute for Transnational Human Resource Management.



 Takashi Kumon


Professor, Institute for Asian Studies, Asia University Visiting lecturer, the Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo.

He is a researcher in the field of human resource development in Asia. Prior to his current position, he worked at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

He is author of “Why Do Foreigners Who Love Japan End Up Leaving?" (2020) NikkeiBP and “Working in Asia” (2012) Eijipress.

Rie Takanuma


Auditor / Advisor


Tsuyoshi Kawanami



 Mitsuhide Shiraki


Professor Emeritus, Waseda University.

Adviser of Waseda University Institute for Transnational HRM.

Guest Professor, Kokushikan University.

Former Professor of Labor Policy and Human Resource Management at Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University.

Former President of Waseda University Institute for Transnational HRM. 

Former President of Japan Academy of International Business Studies. Former President of Japan Society of Human Resource Management.


Ph.D. (Economics), MA (Economics) and BA (Economics) are earned from Waseda University.


Current research themes: ‘Search for the strength of international human resource management’, ‘Measuring of hidden effects of internal learning and training’, ‘Search for the relationship between competencies and performance of Japanese expatriates’, ‘Search for the career formation of young Japanese repatriates’, etc.


Mitsuyo Hanada


Professor Emeritus, Keio University.
Expert in international management and organizational behavior.

Graduated from Faculty of Literature Keio University, and School of Sociology University of Southern California  (Ph.D. in sociology).

Authored “Employment and utilization of Foreign Knowledge workers in Japan”, etc.


  • Association for International Talent Development in Japanese Corporations
  • Postal address: N&E BLD.6F, 1-12-4, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan (postal code:104-0061)
  • Established date: July 7, 2021
  • Chairperson: Kenta KOYAMA (Associate Professor, Faculty of Communication Studies, Tokyo Keizai University)